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Precious Metal Account

Give employees the security of knowing you are looking out for
their financial well-being.

A Unique Voluntary Benefit for Your Employees

Diversification for Your Employees

Silver and gold accumulation works in conjunction with other benefits and contributes to overall financial wellness.

Easy Setup & Administration

Featuring easy initial setup and simple ongoing maintenance. There are no ongoing direct costs to administer the plan.

Employee Satisfaction & Retention

Recent studies show that unique benefit offerings like SilverSaver® PMA aid in employee retention.

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See What Employers are Saying

“SilverSaver® PMA is an excellent addition to the retirement offering for our staff. We value the ability to give our employees a wide range of options for their retirement or savings portfolio. Not only is this a unique savings option, but it is one of the safest forms of money in the world.” Erica - Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
“The setup and administration of this benefit is so easy. It only takes a few minutes of my time each month and our employees are buying silver and gold with their paychecks. How cool is that?” Nancy - Non Profit Organization
“We have enjoyed working with competent, trustworthy people and value the service provided. I think it is a wonderful opportunity for my employees to save in something tangible that cannot be created out of thin air. Everyone at our office has had a good experience with SilverSaver® PMA. Thanks for the service you provide!” Brian - Healthcare